Zacatlán de las Manzanas

Zacatlán is located in the north of the state of Puebla, its name derives from the words Nahuatl, zacatl (zacate) and tlan (place suffix) which mean “place where the zacate abounds”. This place is also known as Zacatlán de las Manzanas “paradise on earth where the simbole of sin turns into pleasure” known since the 18th century because the Spanish colonizers brought apples that have remarkably adapted to the new land and its culture has flourished in a wonderful way.
Zacatlan Magic Village “where the clouds come down to greet you”, This is due to an extraordinary atmospheric phenomenon that occurs due to the type of forest, humidity and temperature that make it a “fog” called one of the attractions of this beautiful place.

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Piedras Encimadas

If you are looking for adventure, the trip to the VALLÉE DES PIERRES EMPILÉES is for you, you can admire rock formations formed over hundreds of years in a natural park with a territorial extension of 200 hectares.

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Wall Works

Zacatlán’s story is told about the UNBEARABLE WALL WORKS on the wall of the municipal cemetery, a place that has become a favourite with tourists because it allows them to learn about our history in a fun and open-air way.

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Tulimán Waterfalls

Tulimán’s recreational centre is an unbeatable opportunity to practice nature tourism in an almost unexplored area. Only 20 minutes from downtown Zacatlán, you can enjoy the spectacular waterfalls.

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We are a group of young people who are surprised to see that today, in the various advertisements promoting our magical mountain range, the real Zacatlán is not shown. This is because they all highlight the same tourist sites, stacked stones, waterfalls and places in the surroundings, leaving aside the real natural beauties and sites of real historical and cultural interest of our region near Zacatlán.

We, having noticed this problem, have made it our task to make this website known from the beginning, including the most remote natural places and the ancestral culture of the Unknown Zacatlán.

Zacatlán Desconocido

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